Elevate Your Wellbeing

The Casa Cipriani Spa is designed to be a peaceful retreat for playful relaxation and ultimate indulgence in the privacy of an intimate environment. The spa offers a range of signature massages and wellness experiences from a team of hand-picked therapists, including reflexology and stress recovery. Additional beauty services and medical treatments are also provided in the uniquely designed treatment rooms. Steam and sauna facilities are available in both men’s and women’s locker rooms.



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Treatment Menu

Beyond Wellness

 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes

THE Massage

Join us for a completely customizable Massage experience where our expert Therapists will take the time to discuss best treatment option to ensure maximum results. Choose from a range of experiences that will address your every concern and meet you, where your body is today.

Member Pricing: USD 220 / 320

Guest Pricing: USD 240 / 340

Select From: Chakra Balancing, Relaxation, Muscle Melt, Mama-To-Be, Sports Rehab, Reflexology, Side By Side (*prices noted per person)

Healing Therapies

Take a trip East and experience Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Reiki with some of the area’s best Masters, Thai Stretch to feel your body elongate and relax or a targeted specific Acupuncture Treatment to realign your Qi and leave you rejuvenated. Whatever your energetic needs, these experiences will bring you back into alignment.

60 Minutes


Our Reiki practitioners will use a Japanese form of alternative medicine, called energy/palm work to encourage emotional and physical healing.

Member Pricing: USD 180

Guest Pricing: USD 200

90 Minutes

Acupuncture Consultation

Meet with one of our in-house experts to learn how this traditional Chinese Medicine practice can be used to treat health and wellness concerns from a specific targeted ailment to one of a more systemic nature. Our team will sit and review your medical history and create a best practice treatment plan to guide your healing.

Member Pricing: USD 215

Guest Pricing: USD 235

60 Minutes

Acupuncture Treatment

Our expert Acupuncture practitioners will work to stimulate Qi by inserting very thin, stainless steel needles into one or several of more than 500 specific acupunctures points on the body to bring a balance to your health and wellbeing. *CONSULTATION REQUIRED

Member Pricing: USD 180

Guest Pricing: USD 195

30 Minutes

Cupping Enhancement

A Chinese medicine technique that utilizes heated glass cups to increase blood circulation. This treatment helps to relieve muscle tension, improve overall blood flow, and promote cell repair in targeted areas.

Member Pricing: USD 120

Guest Pricing: USD 120

60 Minutes / 90 Minutes

Thai Stretch

An ancient healing practice that originated in India, utilizes gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body.

Member Pricing: USD 220 / USD 320

Guest Pricing: USD 240 / USD 340

30 Minutes / 60 Minutes


Follow the rhythmic sound of a guided journey into mindfulness, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Member Pricing: USD 95 / USD 180

Guest Pricing: USD 120 / USD 200

Body Rejuvenation

Give your body over to these energizing Scrub and Detox Experiences. Choose from a Full Body Salt Scrub with Nourishing Hydration, Full Body Salt Scrub followed by a Full Body Detox in our Infrared Sauna Blanket, or a Detox ONLY experience with our Infrared Sauna Blanket.

60 Minutes

Body Scrub

A perfect blend of healing salts, Aloe, virgin shea butter and plant extracts combine to expertly exfoliate and hydrate your skin to leave a younger and relaxed you.

Member Pricing: USD 215

Guest Pricing: USD 230

90 Minutes

Body Detox w/ Scrub

Sweat out your worries with our Body Detox. Start with a skin prepping Scrub, utilizing healing salts, blended with Aloe, virgin shea butter and plant extracts, and end with a full body heat up in our Infrared Detox Blanket, that leaves you feeling like a new you.

Member Pricing: USD 290

Guest Pricing: USD 305

30 Minutes / 60 Minutes

Body Detox

The best SWEAT, done while relaxing. Join us for a Detox in our Infrared Detox Blanket and feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Member Pricing: USD 150 / USD 220

Guest Pricing: USD 160 / USD 230

60 Minutes

Lymphatic Body Contour

Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques combined with Japanese Ampuku Massage, Cupping, and a slimming serum, contour the thigh, buttock and stomach area.

Member Pricing: USD 260

Guest Pricing: USD 280

New Beauty

Signature Beauty Facial Experience Selection

Customize your Facial Treatment to meet your skincare needs by consulting with our expertly curated team of Esthetic experts. Each Facial Treatment will consist of a lifting and sculpting Massage as well as a target specific program of cosmeceutical grade products.

(treatment length detailed in parenthesis)

The Definitive
Utilizing the ancient healing powers of Lymphatic Guasha techniques, Auteur Skincare and the “inside out” approach of Lightwave LED Therapy, this service, will enhance, your own natural beauty.

Member Pricing: (60) USD 295 / (90) USD 395
Guest Pricing: (60) USD 305 / (90) USD 405

The Renew
A treatment focused on delivering European active ingredients, that will leave the skin youthful and illuminated. Fueled by microcurrent technology, natural vitamins, minerals, oils and plant extracts, that are always pure and never diluted, this experience is one of a kind.

Member Pricing: (60) USD 250 / (90) USD 370
Guest Pricing: (60) USD 270 / (90) USD 395

The Gro Glow
Harnessing the transformative power of mushrooms, this facial will have a fundamental influence on your skin health by balancing the microbiome. A signature drain and sculpt detox eye treatment elevates this experience by reducing the appearance of eye inflammation, to reveal a brighter and youthful look.

Member Pricing: (30) USD 195 / (60) USD 250
Guest Pricing: (30) USD 205 / (60) USD 270

HydraFacial Drench
Our Hydrafacial patented technology will cleanse, extract, and hydrate. An application of super serums with nourishing ingredients can be added to create instantly gratifying results . This technology can also be used to treat the scalp.

Member Pricing: (30) USD 210 / (60) USD 260 / (90) USD 350
Guest Pricing: (30) USD 220 / (60) USD 280 / (90) USD 360

The Buccal
A one-of-a-kind experience that utilizes an intra oral massage technique to help drain, depuff and sculpt the Facial structures while promoting deep oxygenation of the tissues. The instant results are red carpet contour ready.

Member Pricing: (60) USD 520
Guest Pricing: (60) USD 550

Lip or Eye Perk
Rejuvenating Peel
Dermal Oxygen Infusion
Biocellulose Hydration
Knesko Mask

Member Pricing: (60) USD 50
Guest Pricing: (60) USD 50

LED Therapy

Member Pricing: (60) USD 105
Guest Pricing: (60) USD 105


Member Pricing: (60) USD 95
Guest Pricing: (60) USD 95

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Member Pricing: (60) USD 75
Guest Pricing: (60) USD 75


Refresh Member Pricing: USD 185/ USD 260

Refresh Guest Pricing: USD 195/ USD 280

Kerative 30-Minute Member Pricing: USD 500

Kerative 30-Minute Guest Pricing: USD 525

Beauty Essentials

Hair Styling & Makeup: By request ONLY; Pricing provided at time of booking

LiftLift and shape brows and lashes to highlight your eyes and express a fuller, darker, and longer lash.

Member Pricing: USD 30 – USD 145

Guest Pricing: USD 35 – USD 160

Advanced Medical


IV infusions custom blended to meet your needs: boost immunity, cure a hangover, destress, improve energy and much more.

* Price upon request

Intramuscular Injections

Boost your energy levels with critical vitamins that assists in the production of your red blood cells as well as with ensuring proper function of your nervous system.

* Price upon request

THE Chill, Cryo-Chamber

Spend 3 minutes in our full body Cryotherapy chamber and experience a full body detox, an increase in collagen production, a boost to metabolic performance, reduction of inflammation, swelling, and pain relief. Get a boost of endorphins, improved immunity, shorter rehab time from injuries and a quicker recovery from exercise.

Member Pricing: USD 70

Guest Pricing: USD 80


In Suite

60 Minutes / 90 Minutes

THE Massage

Let the Spa come to you with a completely customizable Massage experience in the comfort of your Casa Cipriani Suite Choose from a range of experiences that will address your every concern and meet you, where your body is today.

Member Pricing: USD 270 / USD 360

Guest Pricing: USD 290 / USD 380

Select From: Chakra Balancing, Relaxation, Muscle Melt, Mama-To-Be, Sports Rehab, Reflexology, Side By Side (*prices noted per person)

Hair Styling & Makeup

By request ONLY; Pricing provided at time of booking


IV infusions custom blended to meet your needs: boost immunity, cure a hangover, destress, improve energy and much more.

*Priced upon request

Intramuscular Injections

Boost your energy levels with this critical vitamin that assists in the production of your red blood cells as well as with ensuring proper function of your nervous system.

*Priced upon request

Spa Policies


Please be advised that a twenty percent (20%) service charge shall be applied to all treatments, the entirety of which shall be distributed to those persons performing and/or supporting your services.

Arrival Time:

You are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointments to enjoy the exclusive facilities at the Spa at Casa Cipriani. Please understand that late arrival may result in a reduction of treatment time.


Start your relaxation and healing in our Eucalyptus Steam Room or Cedar Sauna and prepare your body and mind for your treatment to follow.

Relaxation Areas:

The Spa at Casa Cipriani welcomes you to enjoy our Living Room space, or Relaxation area up to 30 minutes before your Wellness journey begins. Tea and water service is available for all guests of the Spa.

Health and Well-Being:

Kindly advise of any health conditions, allergies, or injuries, which could affect your treatments while at the Spa at Casa Cipriani.

Cancellation Policy:

Please contact the Spa at least 24 hours prior to all appointments to inform us of any cancellation or modification needs (MUST speak to a live representative). If appointments are cancelled within the 24-hour window 100% of service will be charged to the payment on file, that has guaranteed your reservations.