Our landmark building evokes the refined elegance of the Beaux-Arts period, so we ask that all members and guests respect the tradition of that era through appropriate attire. Members and guests who do not adhere to the below guidelines may be denied entry. This decision will be entirely at the discretion of our front desk team, and we ask that you ensure the dress code is conveyed to any guests you invite to the club.

  • Hooded sweatshirts or athletic wear of any kind, including golf shirts.
  • Long and short sleeve T-shirts or polo shirts, unless worn with a jacket throughout the entire club.
  • Baseball caps and beanies.
  • Ripped denim pants or shorts.
  • Dirty sports shoes or trainers.
  • Flip flops and casual sandals.
  • Overly revealing attire.
  • Men’s shorts after 12:00 PM.
  • Jeans, in a solid color with no rips.
  • Smart, clean trainers bearing 1-2 neutral colors, as part of an overall smart attire.
  • Elegant hats such as a fedora or beret (which should be removed in the dining rooms).
  • Jackets are strongly suggested for gentlemen in the dining rooms.
  • A simple round or V-neck T-shirt can be worn with a blazer only.
  • Tailored shorts may be worn by women.